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Another day in rescue...

Trying to be better this year about letting everyone know what's going on in our lives of Little Rascals Rescue. We do so much and we want you to know and see what goes on behind the scenes.

It was a rough year for us last year and I'm sure everyone is wondering what happened to the Sanctuary. Our wonderful Veterinarian had an awesome property in New River. He sold it to a friend of the rescues for a killer deal, to help us continue our wonderful work. The deal was that they would carry the note on the house till we could sell our other house to qualify. The payments would still go toward the sale, the sale price was set, and the house would be in the Rescues name.

We planned on expanding and setting up dog play areas, felv and fiv cat condos, a cat sanctuary, and quarantine/treatment rooms. It was going to be our next step to the big Sanctuary we plan to set up in Oregon.

They gave us the keys on January 1st 2017 and we started to clean it, fix it up, and get it ready for the animals to move in. After 3 months of being in the house and doing all this work, they dropped the ball on us. They decided it was a REALLY good deal and changed the agreement. They wanted to get the equity from us that was now in the home because we got it at such a steal and all fixed up.

Our babies need a permanent place which must be in the rescues name and not a rental that they could be kicked out of. We also could not fund raise for a property we did not own. So heartbreaking that we had to walk away before we got into a really high rental loan without any promise to sell it to us in the future. Thank goodness we had not started any major building yet. We learned a hard lesson that year.

Our story continues....

New Sanctuary Site!

We are loanable! Never thought we would be able to qualify but we finally do! This means we are not going to need as much money down and are even closer to our goal. For those of you who don't know about the owner of the rescue. I have valley fever in my bones and when I stay in cooler weather it lays dorment in my body. The summers in Arizona make it hard for me to move with the fatigue and bone spurs. I want to be able to do more and help more people and their pets.

We had always planned a permanent sanctuary later on down the road in Oregon where I can find relief from my Valley Fever. Looks like we have 1 shot at a loan and we have decided to make the jump now! We are hoping to be settled by Halloween of this year.

Don't worry everyone! We are not abandoning Arizona and will still have fosters in Phoenix. We have also started the Discount Dental Days at Sun City West animal hospital. We will be continuing these once a month clinics to be able to help the pets. I will be traveling back and forth to put these on hopefully very far into the future.

I will also be starting more Discount Clinics on the coast with a mobile! But thats a story for another day.......

Please help donate to our cause! Every penny counts so we can help more pets and their people in need!

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