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Little Rascals Rescue  Sanctuary

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Meet Rudy!


We met Rudy back in 2009.  He was turned in as a stray at Maricopa County Animal Care and Control. He looked normal laying in the kennel, but when he got up to walk, he only had 2 front legs. His back legs were cut off at the knees and the vet thought he was hit by a car. We spent $5,000 removing the rest of his back legs and that was with a huge discount from wonderful Dr. Soderstrom. We have never been able to slow Rudy down. He is an inspiration to everyone that you can do anything no matter what life has thrown at you. Our lives where forever changed when we met this amazing boy as I'm sure yours is now too.

Rudy would like you to meet some of his sanctuary friends he will be bringing to the sanctuary!

Meet Thumbelina! Little miss princess Lina was brought to us when she was only 6 weeks old. She weighed only 5 ounces and fit in a slipper. She was surrendered because she belonged to a homeless girl who left her on a bar counter to eat, and she fell and cracked her skull.
Poor little thing could not leave the rescue owners side for 6 months and wore bells around her neck to alert to seizures she had frequently. It was touch and go for quite awhile with this sweet thing but she is so much better now.
She has been a Sanctuary kid ever since and still only loves her rescue momma. If she has to, she will tolerate her rescue Dad but can not spend more than a couple days away from momma or she shuts down. She will not allow anyone else to touch her.
She has not had seizures in over 6 years, but has permanent brain damage, so always needs special care and attention. 
Some Sanctuary kids can be adopted, but this little angel will stay with the rescue owners forever. She would never had made it this far without them and will need to continue to stay with them indefinitely.

Little Rascals Sanctuary is located on a dozen lakeside acres of healing peace and tranquility nestled on the beautiful Central Oregon Coast.  While our sanctuary kids continue to enjoy exploring our vast forested property, we are actively planning and building comfortable structures made just for their needs.  Stay tuned!

Rudy's Story

Rudy is setting up a new sanctuary for him and his special needs friends. He is asking for your help to get there. Everyone knows how hard it is to move with animals and we are going to be taking ALL our guys with us. The rescue has plenty of equity in their foster home to purchase the property, but need to sell their home first to get the equity. We can't sell it with all the fosters in it either, so we need to get them to a new place first. We have a house picked out and they are selling it to us at a great price and are willing to carry it till we can sell the other home. Everyone knows how much money and time we have spent helping the animals and people of this community. We were not prepared to get such a great offer so fast. Even with the rescue owner working full time, its not enough to come up with quickly.  Rudy is  hoping  you can help us to raise the down payment so we can get these long term foster babies into their new home fast. Rudy would love to be able to save more like him and with more space we can help so many more. We don't have much time to do this before they will take another offer so send in your donations now to get us started. Thank you so much for all your support!

Meet Kadee! This special little girl is defying death and is sooo amazing. She came to us many years ago when I was running ARC (Animal Rescue Center) in Paradise Valley. She was a tiny kitten that had spina bifida, mega colon, and down syndrome. She was not expected to make it past the first couple weeks and everyone thought we should just put her down. Well... here she is 11 years later and thriving. As she grew, her mega colon (which is not supposed to be cureable) was cured. We had her on many medications for the first couple years, but she is off all those now. She can't jump so has resorted to climbing things. Sometimes I'll come home and she is hanging on the curtains just chillin. That's when she gets a fresh nail trim. She is like Dori in finding Nemo, where she doesn't have a long memory span. She will head in 1 direction, then forget what she was doing and go another way. Her Spina Bifida resulted in her having a bunny rabbit tail and a wobble in her walk. She is hilarious to watch wiggle around the house, exploring. Kadee loves life and she is so happy to be here. She enjoys running around tormenting the dogs, standing in the windows talking to the birds, and snuggling with her family. She is never upset because by the time she knows she is upset, she forgets. We absolutely adore this little angel and are blessed everyday that she is miraculously still in our lives. Its amazing what an animal can do when given the love and the chance.

The Sanctuary is being set up to house the special needs, seniors, and feral cats that are in need all over the USA. We plan on having Felv rooms and Fiv rooms for the cats that would otherwise be put down. We will also have a feral cat house, where the wild cats who can't live outside anymore because of age or medical conditions, will have a safe place to be. The cat enclosures will include outdoor catios.


We will have quarantine and treatment areas for medical cases that come in such as parvo and distemper. We will also have our home section of the property set up for special needs and seniors who are more hospice animals. Most of our fosters are long term and need a safe place to live out their lives even if they never find another home. Having the owner of the rescue be a specialty surgical vet tech is a huge plus because we can do so many of the treatments and care at the facility.


Thank you all so much for your support in setting up this permanent sanctuary so we can help so many more in the future.                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

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