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Rudy is a sweet 8 year old samoyed with only 2 legs!  He was pulled from the euthanasia list at county 7 years ago where he was turned in as a stray.  We first thought that Rudy had a birth defect, but after meeting his new friend Dr. Soderstrom, a veterinary specialist, we now are thinking quite differently.  After viewing xrays, Dr. Soderstrom believes that Rudy  had to chew his own legs off!  He might have been hit by a car, or something that gave him such extreme pain and discomfort that he would result to doing this to himself.  We think that Rudy has been living on his own with this condition for awhile.  He has even learned to get around by walking in a handstand on his 2 remaining front feet.  Rudy is such an amazing kid with so much love to give.  He loves everything big and small including all of his kitty and doggy friends.  He has so much happiness in him and wants so much to just be loved back!  His foster parents Jen and Ryan who also own the rescue have decided to keep him. He loves all the other animals in the house and loves going out to adoption events and stealing all the attention. With Jen being a surgical veterinary technician her husband and her will be able to continue helping him with all his future needs.

Lee Lee the paralized chi

Lee Lee came all the way from New York to us many years ago. She has a spinal cord transection. When she was a puppy she was stepped on and it broke her spine in half. She is the happiest little girl you have ever met with an amazing personality. She is urination and defecation incontinent and needs help going to the bathroom. Lee Lee was matched up with a wonderful gentleman named Fred. Fred took care of his wife when she was ill and when she passed away, he needed something to keep him going. Enter Lee Lee! It was love at first sight for both of them. Fred and Lee Lee live a wonderful life together and both of their lives were enriched by this match. Fred has taken such great care of Lee Lee and kept up with her physical therapy.  She is now 1 of the worlds 1% of spinal walkers which means she manipulates her legs to move so she can walk sometimes. Fred and Lee Lee visit frequently and both are so grateful to have found each other. Thank you Fred for opening your heart to a special angel.


Hydrocephalus Survivor

Pita was pulled  from the euthanasia list at Maricopa County. She is a hydrocephalus survivor. Hydrosephalus means she has fluid in her brain that won't drain naturally. Puppys born with this condition typically have a shortened life span even if they make it through. The surgery for this most of the times does not work. Tink is an amazing little girl with a real zest for life. She is about 9 years old and has done very well with her condition.  She does fall down a lot because her brain doesn't work exactly right, and she also has bad back legs. Pita has an amazing quality of life and so much love to give. After a year of being in the santuary Pita found her perfect match with a wonderful older lady in Las Vegas. Pita is in love with her new mommy and her new friends. Thank you for giving a chance to a special angel.

Our girl Tink

Tink was a sad little face looking out from the kennel at Maricopa County's kill shelter where she was on the list to be euthanized for medical reasons. Tink was about 18 years old and had 4 bad legs and mammory tumors all over her chest and teeth rotting out of her mouth. She was also mostly blind and going deaf. It was love at first site for Jen the rescue owner who knew as soon as she pulled her from the cage that she would be a sanctuary kid forever. We removed all of her bad teeth and took off numerous tumors. Her legs could not be fixed, but weighing only 2 pounds made it easy for her not to have to walk a lot. Tink was very happy for 10 months before the tumors finally took over inside her chest and we had to say goodbye. It was the most wonderful 10 months for her and the sanctuary owners Jen and Ryan. Thank you Tink for all the love and happiness you brought us.  We hope that at last for the first time in your life that you were loved and will always be missed.   

Oliver Felv kitty

Oliver was found as a stray by a nice family in Apache Junction. When they brought him in to be neutered and tested he came up FELV positive. The family had another cat so their only option was to put him down. Luckily the rescue founder works for the clinic he was turned in to and stopped that from happening. Oliver is a sweet little guy and deserving of a chance. Even though he has a life threatening disease he might live a perfectly happy life for years and years. Oliver was in the sanctuary for a little under a year before a couple of wonderful boys called about him. They had another FELV kitty that needed a friend because they had just lost their other one. Oliver fot right into the family and has the most wonderful happy life where he is loved and spoiled. Thanks guys for giving this little guy a chance at a happy life.

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