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Friendly Franklin came to us in desperate need of our help months ago. He was originally adopted from another rescue and when the lady found out he needed expensive dental work she tried to return him. The rescue charged a return fee that she could not afford either so she tried to put him out on the streets. Thank goodness a neighbor saw this and scooped him up before anything happened. Frank is about 11 years old and is such a darling. He has gorgeous short silver hair that he is constantly grooming. In April we tried to do a routine dental on Franklin. After recovering for about 3 weeks he still seemed painful so we took him to a dental specialist. This poor old guy had been born with a crooked jaw and had suffered this whole time. The specialist was able to remove some of Franks healthy teeth in the back making it easier for him to bite down. Franklin is feeling like a king now and does not need any further dental care. He still has plenty of teeth and will pick at the dry food, but he really enjoys his half a can twice a day. He will let you know what times by yelling at you. He does try to sneak in a snack but only sometimes do I cave. He does not act his age at all and is very agile and likes to climb. He is very outgoing and loves to be in the middle of the action. He is a little spoiled and even though he tolerates the animals he is being fostered with now, he would love to be an only spoiled pet, or at least have less then the rescue. He doesn't like to share attention but is a big push over. Frank is more like a dog then a cat and will follow you everywhere. He would be great with kids because he is super chill and gentle. If you think you might be the right match for this little cutie please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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