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Felv (Feline Leukemia)

Felv is known as the Feline Leukemia Virus and is a blood disease that impairs the infected cats’ immune system. There are many ways that a cat may get Felv. The studies say that it can be contracted through bites, intercourse, birth, saliva transfer (eating/drinking from the same dishes), and close contact with infected cats. When a kitten is diagnosed young they have a hard time making it to adulthood. They don’t have a strong immune system built up yet and this disease can make a simple cold deadly. You can’t see the signs of this disease by just looking at a cat it has to have a blood test to determine if the cat is positive or not. Once a cat has reached adulthood the chances are lessened that sudden onset of symptoms will occur. An adult cat with FELV can live a wonderfully healthy long life with no complications. They cannot have contact with healthy cats and should not be stressed out too much going back and forth from adoptions where they could potentially pick up diseases. Consequently it is almost impossible to have Felv cats in rescue.  The result is that most rescues have to put down felv cats. The good news is that people and dogs can’t get this disease so they can live with them. They can also live with other positive cats. The wonderful thing about Little Rascals Rescue is that they have set up a sanctuary for Felv cats. The thought of euthanasia before they are even given a chance was unacceptable. You will want to watch your Felv cat more closely and go to the vet with any small symptom, But other than a little closer watching they usually don’t require any more than any other cat. It takes a very big heart to open your life to one of these special kitties. They are looking for homes and families to love them just like all the other cats in the world. Please find it in your heart to give one of these guys a chance at a loving family and a happy life for however long that ends up being.

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