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Hamster was rescued from the roof of a nursery school in Phoenix. His mother was desperate and throwing all the kittens off the roof into a tree. Thank goodness someone saw and rescued all of them. Hamster was the smallest little guy and was the size of a tiny hamster. He finally grew into his head and is very handsome now. He is about 16 weeks old and has short black and white hair. He is a spoiled indoor house kitty now and loves attention. He is very cuddly and will demand to sleep with you. He will come out for treat time and likes to be watching everything going on. He is very social with people and other animals. He gets along great with the other cats and is always hanging out with a buddy. He would love at least 1 kitty friend in his new home to pal around with. He adores kids and would be a great addition to a family. If you think you are the right match for Hamster please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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