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Smeagle is a 7 year old male Dachshund/Sharpei Mix with Sharpei short hair that doesn’t shed much. He was originally surrendered by his owner in south Phoenix when he was just a puppy. He has always been a scared little chicken and he jumps at every noise. He finds confidence in his doggy friends and once he knows a person he warms up fast. He is the most unique looking little guy with the body and size of the doxie and all the hair and wrinkles of the Sharpei. It makes him look like a miniature shrunken elongated Sharpei with a long nose. Smeagle was adopted out for the last couple years but his owners had a baby that he is terrified of so he got returned. They neglected to work on his socializing so he is still working on building his confidence. He is wonderfully snuggly and loves to curl up on you lap and cuddle. He loves attention and will follow you everywhere. He would do best with a confident dog to follow around and learn from. He is great with older calmer kids but still growls and backs up when scared so no tiny kids that wouldn’t understand him. A quiet home would be best for him. If Smeagle seems like the right match for you please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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