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Hi! My name is Pinky. I am a very sweet and loving dog. I am a 5 year old Pointer/Heeler Mix with short red and white hair. I am very spunky like all natural red heads are. I have lots and lots of energy; I'm just a playful pup. I am very friendly with people and love to socialize. I was found as a stray puppy and adopted out quickly, but my new owners never had time for me and did no training. Wish they had brought me back sooner and I would know even more stuff, but I am calming down not that I am getting the right attention. I really like to please people, so I follow direction really well. My foster parents have been giving me guidance, and I am working very hard on my manners. I am doing really well walking on a leash and sitting, and I'm learning new things and am such a good student. I get really excited to go out on a walk and jump around at first, but calm down quickly. I would love at least 1 walk a day but am up for 2 or more if you are. I've come a long way and I am kennel-trained but don't like it when you leave so would still need the kennel sometimes. Maybe one day my family can leave me out loose but I still try to get into trouble when they go, so for now don't trust me. Hey can't blame a girl for trying to have some fun! If you spend time with me, I will make a great companion. I’m still young and willing to learn, and they say I am really smart. I just needed guidance and didn’t have any. I am not very good with cats though. I can't help it, they run and I think that means chase. I am a great bird catcher in the backyard so don't worry about a pigeon problem, I'll handle it. I also do not want to share my family with another dog, my pray drive takes over and even though I am nice and don't mean to hurt another animal, I would. I was never taught from a young age and now I can't turn off my instinct. No small children either, I knock them over accidentally. I do love bigger kids though because they can play and run with me. If you are interested in having a fun dog and have lots of energy please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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