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Meet little miss Sassafrass! This spunky little girl was found running in the middle of the street dodging traffic a couple months ago. We looked everywhere for an owner but none was found. We think she is a rat terrier mix and has short honey and white colored fur. She is only 5 months old now and is all puppy, such a darling and full of personality. She got her name because she is always sassing something. She loves to talk so her new family must like a chatty dog.


Sassy is very affectionate and an experienced snuggler. She also loves to play and is a busy body who gets into everything. She hates kennels, baby gates, and puppy pens. She is an escape artist and can get out of just about anything you try to keep her in. If she can't get out she will just throw a tantrum till you cave and get her.  Good thing about her is she is not a runner and will always stay close to you if the door opens. She would make a great companion dog and would love a family who is home a lot. She is the perfect shadow and fully willing to follow you everywhere you go. 


Sassy is great at riding in the car and has been leash training. She is very tiny and needs to go out frequently to potty. She adores other dogs and would definitely need a companion dog in her new home for her to hang around with. She thinks she is tough at first but really is just establishing that she is the princess. She needs another dog who will let her rule and likes to hard core play. Sassafrass even gets along with cats and has a kitty friend in her foster home that she plays tug of war with.  Sassy would be best with older kids because she likes to play rough and she would overwhelm a small child. If this little ball of fun seems like the right match for you please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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