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Paris is a 10 year old female Chihuahua with short cream hair. She was found in the desert 5 years ago by a nice family who took her in and made her their own. She had a boxer friend that she lived with who she loved and he loved her. One day the doorbell rang and the boxer jumped off the couch and accidentally landed on poor little Paris leaving her back legs paralyzed. Paris now has a ruptured disk that can’t be fixed. Her family can no longer care for her now that she has special needs. She is defecation and urination incontinent but she does express herself and it happens also when she gets excited. Constant monitoring of her bladder and frequent expression checks will be necessary for her new owner to take on. Paris has her own set of wheels that she took a liking to right away. She loves getting in her wheelchair and going for walks. When she is around the house she finds the cart restricting and likes to just scoot around. You can’t slow this little lady down. We have been doing physical therapy with her to strengthen her back legs and she is doing great. She will sometimes spinal walk which is fascinating and wonderful. Paris will require a special family that understands her needs and will accommodate her. She would not do well with smaller kids who could step on her or bigger dogs. She does love some of the little dogs but they would need to be a good match for her. She can be a bit of a Princess. She doesn’t like to be bothered or jumped on. She is a spoiled little baby and will demand the same treatment from her new family. She is so loving and sweet and just loves to cuddle all the time. She gets very attached to her owner quickly and loves all kinds of attention. Paris is a special girl with an amazing zest for life who is looking for a special family to love her. If interested in hearing more please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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