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Mimi & Gigi

Mimi and Gigi are mother and daughter cats whom have lived their whole lives together as indoor cats. Sadly, their owner had to move to an assisted living facility and these two cuties need a good home. Even though they have been together forever they are not very bonded and either would love to be a single spoiled kitty.  A visit to the vet to update shots and tests determined that they both tested positive for feline leukemia. Don't let that scare you though, its not a big deal for us and does not require anything special. Neither show any signs and are healthy cats. Mimi, the momma cat will be ten years old in October. Gigi, the daughter, will be nine years old in May. Both have been spayed and have been microchipped. We would love for them to find a loving home in which they could live out the remainder of their healthy, happy lives. They came from a quiet home with only 1 other person and a caretaker in and out so they would like something similar. No kids, no dogs, and of course no other cats because they have felv and really are not the most social with them. They also need to stay indoors so they stay safe. They are very lovable once they get to know you.  They love attention and are really mellow and chill. They just like to hang out with you and get pet. If you think you might be the right family to take in either of these 2 sweet ladies please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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