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Foxy is an 8 year old female short haired tan and white chihuahua/Papillon mix. We pulled her from the county euthanasia list for being sick. She just had a little cold. She is all better now. Foxy is very picky about who she likes and usually only attaches to one person. To that one person though she is an absolute doll. She loves to be cuddled and loves to run around doing flips. She is very funny when she is running around you in circles trying to get your attention. Foxy gets along... good with cats but they must love the chase game because if they come flying through she loves to join in the fun.  She is a shadow dog and loves to follow you around wherever you go. She would not do well with children or a family that entertains a lot. She gets nervous with new people and new situations. She just wants one person to love forever but she will be your best friend. If interested in Foxy please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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