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Cookie is a sweet 5 ½ year old kitten. She is a short haired brown tabby with white and has a smushy face. Cookie was found as a stray nursing her 5 babys. She liked being a mom, but is glad those kids are gone. She prefers her solitude and would prefer a home as an only kitty. She is very spoiled and likes to have all the attention. She loves to take cat naps on the window sill and loves playing like a kitten. She gets a little rough sometimes whether its your hands or a toy. She is very talkative when she plays. Older kids who understand her roughness would be ok, but no small kids. She loves attention and will come and seek affection. She is looking for a family of her very own now that her kittens have all been adopted out. If Cookie sounds like the right fit for your family please call Jen #623-210-6578.




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