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Buddy is a 9 year old Airdale terrier with 3 legs and 1 eye. We got him from the Humane Society in Pine top. His owner said that he fell out of a truck as a puppy and that is how he lost his back right leg. When Buddy came to us his right eye was open but there was only an infected lump inside and constantly draining so we had the eye surgically removed and stitched up. Buddy is looking and feeling a lot better now and would love to join his new family. He is such an awesome dog and loves attention once he knows you. He is a smart terrier and takes a couple minutes on first meeting to make sure you are safe, but then he is your best friend. He loves to run around after toys in the yard and bounces around you in excitement that you are spending time with him. He is pretty lazy for the most part and loves to lay around. He is not the best on walks and gets his exercise in the yard where he feels comfortable. He was not well socialized or loved as a puppy and has trouble in new environments and with new people. Being at adoptions terrifies him and he just shuts down. Its too many people too fast all at one time for him. He also hates the cats and is always barking at them. He is also not a fan of other dogs, he wants to be the only spoiled baby in the home. What he craves and what he wants is human attention. He bonds very quickly to his caretaker and will do anything for them. He is a great companion, friend, and protector. He was a guard dog in his last home so is very protective of his home, yard, and family. Due to his low confidence level we don’t think Buddy would like to live with small children either. Even if he got used to the kids in his home, every time they had friends over he would have to go in the kennel. Visitors are not his favorite thing. If you think you might be the match for this picky boy please call Jen #623-210-6578.



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