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Embry is a 4 year old female dog of medium size. She looks to have a couple different breeds in her. Corgi and rottie is what she looks like, but she only weighs 25 pounds, so maybe corgi and a small shepherd? She was rescued from the river bed in south Phoenix a couple years ago. She was so scared and so shy at the beginning, we don't think anyone had ever touched her kindly. She was maybe even a wild dog. She adores guys now, but has never been able to warm up to a woman. We think she must have been abused by a woman and it does not seem like she will ever get over that. With guys however, she will hang out with them, follow them around, and let them pick her up and hold her after she earns their trust. She is a totally different dog with men. She is sweet and loving and seeks out their affection. She really needs an all male house. She is potty trained and kennel trained. At home in her own environment she is confident and does great, but she is still not interested in walks or car rides. With the right person we are hoping she will work up to that 1 day. This poor little girl seems to have been through a lot in her life and will take some understanding from her new owners. She just wants to hang out at home with her people she trusts. She enjoys being outside and feels like she has a job patrolling the yard. She gets along with other dogs and enjoys their company, but would also be fine by herself. She likes to chase cats, so no cats. She tries for the birds but her legs are too short to jump high enough to catch them. Although she is great at catching mice and rats. This poor girl is just looking for the right understanding guy to let her be her. If you think you might be the right match for Miss. Embry please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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