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Able is a lucky little guy who is able to walk again. He is about 4 years old and we think he is some kind of a Chihuahua mix. He has short white and tan hair and a funny long body like a dachshund. He was found as a stray hobbling in the middle of the road in Tolleson, Az. We think he was hit by a car and had to fend for himself. We got him into our orthopedic surgeon who says his back left hip was dislocated awhile ago. He does not recommend that we do surgery at this time because Able does not have pain and is able to walk and run just fine. He does not jump onto furniture or the bed so anything he can't get up on himself, means he can't, and shouldn't jump down. When we snuggle in the bed or on the couch with him, we pick him up and put him back on the floor if he is not being supervised. He can do small stairs and his injury does not prevent him from doing anything or having fun. He absolutely adores the other dogs and will definitely need a confident doggy friend in his new home. He loves people and is getting more outgoing about coming up to them. We think this poor little guy had a rough start in life and he acts like he has been hit before. He does not run from you, but will cower down and roll over on his back when you get close to him. Older kids would be best so he is not scared. He is an absolute snuggle bug once he gets to know you and will cuddle as long as you let him. He sleeps under the blankets and loves to bury around in them. He also loves toes so watch out for his licks. He loves to play with toys and run around with his doggy friends. Able has learned fast how to be a spoiled house pet and is great with his potty training and manners. He is loving all the attention and is a completely different dog then the one we first met. He will need continued emotional support and understanding from his new family. He is such a great little guy looking for a chance. If you think you might be the right match for Able please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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