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Tia is a 7 year old female short haired brown tabby with white. She was originally found as a stray when she was only a 3 month old kitten. She was adopted out when she was a baby and stayed with that family for over a year until they had to return her because they had another baby and the other kids were already torturing her. Tia still does not like little kids messing with her and would do best without any little ones in her new home. She then got adopted out again but that family just recently had to move and couldn’t take her with. Poor Tia has been bounced around a lot in her life and is looking for someone who would rather have a dog than a cat because that is what she is. She will follow you around and rub in between your legs. She loves playtime and is still a kitten at heart. She does like to play rough but that’s because as a tiny kitten it was cute and she was allowed to nibble fingers and attack toes. As she got bigger of course that turned into them calling her mean. She is just misunderstood and loves a good game of string and feathers or the laser light. She is very loving when she wants to be but just doesn’t like being messed with or forced to do anything. She can be won over by treats. She would tolerate another cat or calm dog but would also do just fine as the spoiled queen of the house. If interested in Tia please call Jen #623-210-6578.

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